Obfuscating User Names in the Zscaler Service

Obfuscating User Names in the Zscaler Service

You can specify whether real user names are visible or obfuscated for an admin when they view dashboards, reports, or insights. In the sections that follow, you can learn more about how to do this in the Admin Portal.


In order to configure this setting for an admin account, your own admin account must meet the following conditions:

  • Your admin account must have an admin role that has Full permission to Administrators Access. To learn more, see Adding Admin Roles.
  • Your admin account must have organizational scope. To learn more, see About Admin Scope.
  • If your organization has the admin rank feature enabled, and you're configuring this setting for another admin account, that admin must have an admin rank lower than or equal to your own admin rank.

Obfuscating User Names for Admins Viewing Dashboards, Reports, and Insights

To obfuscate user names for an admin, you must enable user name obfuscation for the admin role that is assigned to that admin. Therefore, you must edit the admin role that is assigned to that admin account. The instructions below detail the different ways you can do this.

The instructions assume that you already have an admin account configured and want to modify settings to enable user obfuscation for that admin. If you want to create a completely new admin account, see Adding Admins, which provides comprehensive instructions for adding an admin, including details on how to enable user obfuscation for the admin role.

To obfuscate user names for an admin:

  1. Go to Administration > Administrator Management.
  2. Locate the admin you want to edit, and click the Edit icon.

Screenshot showing the edit button in the Administrator Management section

  1. In the Edit Administrator window, you can do one of the following:

If you choose this option, ensure that all other permission settings for the admin role are appropriate for the admin to which you want to assign this role. Also, you can view which admin roles have user obfuscation enabled.

  1. Under Role, click the drop-down menu.
  2. Choose the appropriate admin role with obfuscation enabled. In this example, it's HR-Access Control.
    See image.
  3. Click Save and activate the change.

Screenshot of the Edit Administrator window showing how to select admin rule 

  1. Go to Administration > Role Management.
  2. In the User Names column, you can check which admin roles have user names visible and which have user names obfuscated.

Screenshot showing visible and obfuscated user names in the Role Management window

If you select this option, check which other admins have been assigned this specific role and ensure that you want user obfuscation enabled for those admins as well.

  1. Go to Administration > Role Management.
  2. Locate the role you want to edit, and click the Edit icon. 
    See image.
  3. In the Edit Administrator Role window, under User Names, choose Obfuscated.
    See image.
  4. Click Save and activate the change

Screenshot of the Edit Administrator Role window showing how to change users from visible to obsfuscated 

Screenshot showing how edit admin 

  1. Under Role, click the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the Add icon. The Add Administrator Role window appears.
    See image.
  3. Complete the instructions for adding a new admin role, including how to enable user name obfuscation.
  4. Assign the new admin role to the admin.

Screenshot showing how to add a new administrator with obsfuscation