Adding Admins

Watch a video about Administrator Management, including how to add admins


Zscaler recommends that you add roles before adding administrators, because you will need to select a role for each admin that you add.

Furthermore, to configure admins:

  • You must have permission to do so, as described in Adding Admin Roles
  • You can only add, edit, or delete admin accounts with lower rank
  • Your scope limits the scope that you can assign to other admins

Admin rank and scope does not apply to partner admins. To learn more, see Adding Partner Admins.

Adding Admins

To add an admin:

  1. Go to Administration Administrator Management.
  2. Click Add Administrator.

The Add Administrator window appears.

  1. In the Add Administrator window:
    • Login ID: Enter the login ID the admin uses to log in from your SSO provider portal, and select the appropriate domain name. The domain names you provided to Zscaler appear in the drop-down menu.
    • Email: Enter an email address for the admin, and select the appropriate domain name. The domain names you provided to Zscaler appear in the drop-down menu.
    • Name: Enter a name for the admin.
    • Role: Choose a role to specify the admin's level of access to the Admin Portal. Roles you've configured appear in the drop-down menu. You can also search for roles or click the Add icon to add a new role. If you’ve enabled Admin Rank, your assigned admin rank determines the roles you can select.
      See image.
  • Scope: Choose a scope to specify which areas of the organization the admin can manage in the Admin Portal. Your assigned scope determines the scopes you can choose from drop-down menu for this new admin.
    • Organization: The admin can manage everything in the Admin Portal
    • Department: Choose which departments the admin can manage in the Admin Portal
    • Location: Choose which locations the admin can manage in the Admin Portal
    • Location Group: Choose which location groups the admin can manage in the Admin Portal
  • Comments: (Optional) Enter additional notes or information. The comments cannot exceed 10,240 characters.
  • Security Updates: Enable if you want the admin to receive the latest information on vulnerabilities and threats that may affect your organization.
  • Service Updates: Enable if you want the admin to receive new service and product enhancements, including new data center notification and cloud release information.
  • Product Updates: Enable if you want the admin to receive communication regarding important changes and updates to our service.
  • Password Based Login: Enable if you want to give the admin the option to log in directly to the Admin Portal. This can be in addition to enabling SAML single sign-on for admins.
    • Password: Enter a password for the admin. It can be 8 to 100 characters and must contain at least one number, one special character, and one uppercase letter.
    • Confirm Password: Re-enter the password to confirm.
  1. Click Save and activate the change.

You can edit or delete admins at any time.

Screenshot demonstrating how to add a new admin role