Saving and Activating Changes in the Admin Portal

Saving and Activating Changes in the Admin Portal

Propagating configuration changes throughout the Zscaler cloud is a two-step process:

  1. Make your configuration changes (such as adding, editing or deleting policy rules), and then click Save to store the changes on the local database.
  2. Queue the changes for activation. Activating the changes effectively pushes the configuration changes to the Central Authority (CA), which, among other things, serves as the central repository for policies and configuration settings. The Zscaler Enforcement Nodes (ZENs) retrieve the policies from the CA and apply them to your organization's Internet traffic. Because all policies are centrally stored on the CA, the latest policies are always applied, no matter to which ZEN your users connect.

To queue changes for activation:

  1. Click the Activate icon at the top-right.

Screenshot of Zscaler admin portal Activate icon

  1. When the Activate menu appears, click Activate.

Screenshot of Zscaler admin portal Activate menu

If there are no other administrators editing, the service sends the updates to the CA immediately. If there are multiple administrators editing, the service pushes the changes to the CA only after all administrators activate their changes.

The Activate menu displays your activation status and the status of other administrators who are editing, as shown below. When an administrator makes a change and saves it, the service adds the administrator's user name to the list of administrators who are currently editing. When an administrator hits Activate, the changes are queued for activation and the administrator's user name is moved to the Queued for Activation list.

Screenshot of Zscaler admin portal Activate menu status display

Click the Activate icon to refresh the activation status.

The following guidelines apply:

  • Only super admins can Force Activate changes. This immediately pushes all saved changes to the CA.
  • After 30 minutes of inactivity, the service automatically activates an administrator's queued changes.
  • A queued activation cannot be canceled.
  • If an administrator logs out without activating the changes, the changes are automatically activated.
  • If an administrator closes the browser, the changes are automatically activated.