What is a super admin role?

What is a super admin role?

The super admin role is a default role Zscaler provides. The super admin role has full access to the admin portal. This role is assigned to the default admin, but you can assign this role to other admins as necessary. 

For more information about roles, see About Administrators.

Adding Super Admins

To add a super admin:

  1. Go to Administration > Authentication > Administration Controls > Administrator Management.
  2. Click Add Administrator and do the following:
    • Enter a Login ID and Name.
    • Enter an Email address.
    • When choosing a Role for the admin, choose (0) Super Admin.
    • Choose the Scope of the admin. If you choose Department or Location, select the specific department(s) or location(s).
    • Optionally, enter Comments.
    • Select which updates the admin receives:
      • Security Updates: Latest information on vulnerabilities and threats that may affect your organization.
      • Service Updates: New service and product enhancements, including new data center notification and cloud release information.
      • Product Updates: Communication regarding important changes and updates to our service.
    • Set password: Optionally, enter a password for the admin if you want to enable password authentication in addition to SAML single sign-on authentication.
  3. Click Save and activate the change.

You can edit or delete admins as necessary at any time.