About Network Services

The Zscaler firewall has 50 predefined services and an admin can configure up to 1024 additional custom services. You can add, modify, or delete ports in all predefined services except ICMP_any, UDP_any, TCP_any and OTHER. See How do I modify predefined network services?

You can also define network services groups. See About Network Service Groups.

  1. Add a network service. See How do I add a network service?
  2. Filter the network services by protocol (TCP or UDP).
  3. View a list of all Network Services. 
  4. Edit a Network Service. See How do I edit, delete, or duplicate items in the admin portal?
  5. Modify the table and its columns. See How do I use tables in the admin portal?
  6. Search for a Network Service.
  7. Add a network service group. See About Network Service Groups.

Screenshot of Network Services page showing buttons and list used to manage network services for Zscaler firewall