About DNS Application Groups

About DNS Application Groups

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Through DNS Application Groups, you can create groups based on DNS tunneling traffic as well as other web applications. By allowing or blocking traffic at the DNS level, you gain greater granular control and can create new firewall policies applied specifically to these groups. To learn more about tunneling detection, see About DNS Tunnel Detection.

What You Can Do on the DNS Application Group Page

  1. Add a DNS Application Group
  2. View a list of all DNS Application Groups. The DNS Application Groups listed here can be used when creating DNS filtering rules. To learn more about the creation of DNS filtering rules, see Configuring the DNS Control Policy.
    In this view, you see the following:
    • The Name of your group
    • The Applications that it includes
    • A Description, if one has been added
  3. Edit a DNS Application Group. To learn more, see How do I edit, delete, or duplicate items in the admin portal?
  4. Modify the table and its columns. To learn more, see How do I use tables in the admin portal?
  5. Search for a DNS Application Group.
  6. Click the Applications tab to view the Applications page. To learn more, see About Network Applications.
  7. Click the Application Groups tab to view the Application Groups page. To learn more, see About Network Application Groups.

Numbered diagram of the options available in the add DNS application groups page