Configuring Security Exceptions for the Malware Protection Policy

Configuring Security Exceptions for the Malware Protection Policy

Click to watch a video about Malware Protection, including how to configure the security exceptions.

To configure security exceptions for the Malware Protection policy:

  1. Go to Policy > Malware Protection.
  2. Click the Security Exceptions tab.
  3. Do the following:
    See image.
    • Password-Protected FilesAllow or Block users from uploading or downloading password-protected files. These files are allowed by default. 
    • Unscannable Files: Allow or Block users from uploading or downloading files that the Zscaler service is unable to scan. This might occur if the file is an unrecognized file format, an excessive size, or recursively compressed. Unscannable files are allowed by default. If you block users from uploading or downloading unscannable files, the service launches the file upload or download and scans the file. If the file can't be scanned, it will be blocked, and any subsequent upload or download attempts are blocked. The service then displays an end user notification to prevent users from uploading or downloading it.
    • Do Not Scan Content from these URLs: Enter the URLs you want to whitelist for malware protection. You can enter up to 1,024 URLs. See the URL format guidelines. To learn more, see Whitelisting URLs

This white list also applies to the Advanced Threat Protection and Sandbox policies.

  1. Click Add Items.
  2. Click Save and activate the change.

Screenshot of Security Exceptions tab of malware protection policy