Enabling Remote Assistance

Enabling Remote Assistance

At times, Zscaler Support engineers might need access to your organization's Admin Portal for a limited period to troubleshoot issues. With Remote Assistance, you can allow Zscaler Support engineers to securely and remotely log in to your Admin Portal. This can be done with either view-only or full admin privileges. You do not need to create new admin accounts or share passwords to enable access for either option.

To enable remote assistance:

  1. Log in to the Admin Portal
  2. Go to Help > Remote Assistance 
    See image.
  3. In the Remote Assistance window, select Enable View-Only AccessEnable Full Access or both
    See image. 

Once you enable remote assistance, select the amount of time for which you want the feature enabled. Zscaler recommends that you select a length of at least one year when choosing view-only access and at least two days when choosing full access. 

  1. Click Save

Screenshot of Help menu in Zscaler UI highlighting Remote Assistance option

Screenshot of the remote assistance options

This procedure allows Zscaler Support engineers to access the Admin Portal until the specified date.