About Location Groups

About Location Groups

If you have many locations and associated sub-locations within your organization, consider using location groups. 

The following conditions apply when configuring location groups:

  • Only locations can be added to a location group, not sub-locations. A sub-location will inherit the group membership from its parent location.
  • A location can be a member of multiple location groups.
  • Location groups can be used to define the scope of a new or existing admin.

About the Location Groups Page

On the Location Groups page, you can do the following:

  1. Add a location group
  2. Search for a location group by Name, Description, or Last Modified By
  3. View a list of all location groups that were configured for your organization. For location groups, you can see the following:
    • Name: The name of the group
    • Description: The description of the group, if available
    • Number of Locations: The number of locations associated with the group. Clicking on the number displays the locations (and their sub-locations, if applicable) within the Locations page.
    • Last Modified By: The date and time the group was last modified
    • Last Modified On: The last admin user to modify the group
  4. Edit a location group, including the ability to delete a group
  5. Modify the table and its columns
  6. Go to the Locations page, to configure new locations and their sub-locations or manage existing locations

Location Groups Page within the Admin Portal