About Partner Integrations

About Partner Integrations

From the Partner Integrations page, you can:

Integrating with MCAS  allows you to utilize the Zscaler service's policy management functionality (i.e., URL filtering, custom category and Cloud App control, etc.) for blocking non-sanctioned applications. Your policies within the Zscaler service will include the list of applications to be blocked as provided by MCAS. The list consists of:

  • Applications known to the Zscaler service, which have app IDs and can be added as Cloud App control policies without the need to specify the explicit URLs to block.
  • Applications not known to the Zscaler service, which are provided as a list of URLs. The service will initially treat these URLs as unsanctioned Cloud Apps to black-list using a custom category with a block policy rule applied to it.

For details about Zscaler's Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) technology partners, see the CASB partners site or contact Zscaler Business Development.

An SD-WAN partner key enables partner access to the following resources within the cloud service API:

  • Locations: Allows an SD-WAN partner to export all attributes of a Zscaler service-defined location as a request. Partners can also make resource requests to add, update, and delete locations instead of manually adding them or importing them via CSV file to the Zscaler Admin Portal.
  • VPN Credentials: Allows an SD-WAN partner to configure IPSec tunnel parameters including pre-shared keys, fully qualified domain names (FQDNs), and their associated location names as a request.

For details and SD-WAN deployment guides for each technology partner, see the SD-WAN partner site or contact Zscaler Business Development.

About the Partner Integrations Page

On the Partner Integrations page, you can do the following:

  1. Add an integration configuration for MCAS 
  2. Manage SD-WAN partner keys

Partner Integration Page with MCAS and SD-WAN Partner Tabs, in Admin Portal