About Cloud App Control

The Cloud App Control policy provides granular control over popular websites and applications. They are organized by function into categories for easy reference and to facilitate defining rules for similar apps.

You can create rules to control access to specific cloud applications. For example, you can define a rule for Instant Messaging apps that allows chatting, but blocks file transfers.

Additionally, you can define a daily quota by bandwidth or time. When users browse to these sites after their quota has been reached, the Zscaler service displays a message that explains that the content cannot be viewed because they exceeded their daily quota.

For information on the order in which the service enforces all policies, including this policy, see How does the Zscaler service enforce policies?

  1. Configure a Cloud App Control policy rule. See Adding Rules to the Cloud App Control Policy 
  2. Click Recommended Policy to view the policy Zscaler recommends. 
  3. View a list of all configured Cloud App Control policy. 
  4. Edit or duplicate a Cloud App Control policy rule. See How do I edit, delete, or duplicate items in the admin portal?
  5. Modify the table and its columns. See How do I use tables in the admin portal?
  6. Search for a Cloud App Control Rule.
  7. Click the URL Filtering Policy tab to configure Cloud App Control policies. See About URL Filtering.
  8. Click the Advanced Policy Settings tab to configure advanced URL policy settings. See Configuring Advanced URL Policy Settings 

Screenshot of Zscaler's Cloud App Control page and the buttons, icons, and fields used to manage Cloud App policies