How do I use Zscaler Analyzer?

To verify connection speed issues, you can use the Zscaler Analyzer app to perform an MTR (My Traceroute), and send the results to the Zscaler Support team. This test checks the quality of the connection between your device and the Zscaler Enforcement Node (ZEN).

For a more in-depth look at Zscaler Analyzer and its features, see the User Guide on  

You can download Zscaler Analyzer for WindowsMAC OS X, or Linux.

To download Zscaler Analyzer, do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Download Zscaler Analyzer. See image.

Screenshot of highlighting the Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Beta) options you can choose to download the Zscaler Analyzer

Once you've installed Zscaler Analyzer, open the app. Log in to the Zscaler service if necessary. 

Screenshot of Zscaler Analyzer app window highlighting Zscaler Sign In section

To perform an MTR, do the following:

  1. Click Start Test to perform the MTR and retrieve your IP and ZEN information. See image. 
  2. Once the MTR is complete, click Export All Results. The results are saved into a CSV file. See image. 
  3. Attach the CSV file to a support ticket and submit it to Zscaler Support.

Screenshot of Zscaler Analyzer app window highlighting Start Test button that is clicked to perform the MTR

Screenshot of Zscaler Analyzer app window highlighting Export All Results that is clicked to save results from MTR