About NAT Control

 You can create rules that enable the Zscaler firewall to perform destination NAT and redirect traffic to specific IP addresses and optionally, ports.

This type of policy does not support network applications as a criteria.

  1. Configure a NAT Control policy rule. See How do I configure the NAT Control policy?
  2. Click Recommended Policy to view the policy Zscaler recommends.
  3. View a list of all configured NAT Control policy rules. 
  4. Edit or duplicate a NAT Control policy rule. See How do I edit, delete, or duplicate items in the admin portal?
  5. Modify the table and its columns. See How do I use tables in the admin portal?
  6. Search for a NAT Control policy rule. 
  7. Click the Firewall Filtering Policy tab to configure the Firewall Filtering policies. See About Firewall Control.

Screenshot of NAT Control Policy page used to manage Zscaler NAT Control policies