Using the Zscaler App: Windows

Using the Zscaler App: Windows

The Zscaler App (Z App) is an application installed on your device to ensure that your internet traffic and access to your organization's internal apps are secure and in compliance with your organization’s policies, even when you're off your corporate network.

  • No matter where you're accessing the web, Z App ensures that your traffic is forwarded to and protected by the Zscaler Internet Security service.
  • Additionally, with Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) enabled, you can also securely access your organization's internal resources from any location.

Z App is designed to provide a seamless user experience. It automatically recognizes when you are connected to a trusted network (for example, your corporate office network) and depending on your organization's configuration, can disable its internet security service and ZPA accordingly. It can also recognize when you connect to Wi-Fi hotspots (for example, at airports, hotels, and cafés) where you must pay or accept a use policy before connecting. The app disables its services for a period of time and re-enables itself after you've had a chance to complete the steps necessary to connect.

Once you log in with your user ID and complete a one-step device enrollment process, you can begin safely connecting to the web and to your organization's internal applications and services with Z App.

This guide takes you through the features of Z App. Each section links you to the appropriate article for each feature.

1. Enrolling with the Zscaler Service

Before you can use Z App, you must enroll with the Zscaler service. To learn more, see Enrolling with the Zscaler Service on the Zscaler App (Windows).

2. Zscaler App Features

Once you have enrolled with the Zscaler service on Z App, you can view the following features.

The features of Zscaler App for Windows

You can click the following buttons:

  • Click the log out button on the top right-hand corner to log out of Z App. You may be required to enter a password your organization's admin has set for the app. If you log out of the app, you must complete enrollment again when you log back in.     
  • Click the minimize button to minimize the window without closing it.
  • Click the maximize button to maximize the window.
  • Click the close button to close the window. This does not log you out of the app.  

The app features Z App's services in the menu on the left. The example above shows the menu options for an organization that has subscribed both to the ZPA and Zscaler Internet Security services. If your organization is not subscribed to one of those services, you will not see that option in the left menu.

See below for further details about the tasks you can perform with Z App.

3. Tray Icon Options

Z App displays an icon in the system tray. To learn more, see About the Zscaler App Tray Icon Options (Windows).