What are the URL format guidelines?

What are the URL format guidelines?

Below are guidelines for entering URLs when configuring policies or settings in the admin portal.

  • Enter URLs in lowercase letters only. (Type www.safemarch.com, and not www.Safemarch.com.)
  • The URL must not contain the protocol schema (that is, do not type http://www.safemarch.com; instead, just type www.safemarch.com).
  • A leading period (“.”) functions as a wildcard to the left of the named URL up to five subdomain levels deep. Thus, the entry .example.com also applies to: 

    - whitelists atlanta.example.com and serv3.serv2.serv1.atlanta.example.com

    In the absence of a leading period, the stated domain/subdomain entry must match exactly.
  • Wildcard characters (such as an asterisk) addressing the right side of a stated URL are not explicitly used; they are always assumed. Thus the URL entry “www.safemarch.com” will apply to:

    - safemarch.com:10443
    - safemarch.com/index.htm
    - safemarch.com/work/mail?=next

    However, if you want to categorize a specific file or directory under the root domain (for example, “mydomain.com/resources/” or “mydomain.com/resources/ftp.htm”), please note the following:

    - www.mydomain.com/resources/ftp.htm (with no trailing forward-slash) will match the exact string.
    - www.mydomain.com/resources/ (with trailing forward-slash) will match any file or directory underneath it.