VZEN Advanced Deployment

This article describes additional features that may facilitate deploying a VZEN cluster, in cases where you have specific requirements or restrictions.

Configuring a Virtual Service Interface

If your end users are on a different network than the Service IP network for the VZEN, you can create a virtual service interface on the users' network.

Your users can then forward traffic to this virtual service interface. Internally, that traffic will be sent to the gateway IP address, as shown in the following illustration.  

Diagram showing how Zscaler users forward traffic to a virtual service interface and how traffic is sent to gateway IP address

To configure a virtual service interface, follow the instructions below.

  1. Power off the virtual machine (VM) and configure an additional interface em3.
  2. Create a configuration file with the following configuration.
  • In this example, the file is named sample_file_name.conf.
  • Replace <virtual_service_IP> with the IP address of your virtual service interface.
  1. Move the configuration file to $ZSINSTANCE/conf/<sample_file_name>.conf
  • Replace <sample_file_name> with the name of your file.

Files configured in this location will be persistent across restarts, upgrades, and reboots.