How do I view notifications on the Windows version of Zscaler App?

How do I view notifications on the Windows version of Zscaler App?

This article provides an overview of the Notifications window of the Windows version of the Zscaler App. It also provides details on how to enable the app to show notifications in the system tray.

Screenshot of the Notifications window of Zscaler App for Windows

This window provides the following information about the notifications that have been displayed to you.

  • Application: Displays the name of the application relevant to the action that triggered the notification. In the example above, Zscaler is listed in the column because the notification was relevant only to the Zscaler App (you received the notification after disabling the app's web security service). As another example, if you attempt to upload content to in violation of one of your organization's cloud app control policies, you would receive a notification and would see in the Application column.
  • Time: Displays the time the notification was displayed.
  • Message: Displays the notification message.

Click Clear All to clear all notifications from this page.

Show notifications in the system tray

To show notifications from the system tray icon:

  1. Click the More icon.

Screenshot of the Show notifications in system tray switch for Zscaler App

  1. In Settings, you can manually enable or disable system tray notifications. The default setting is set by the admin. If notifications are enabled, you will see notifications in the tray icon as shown below.

Screenshot of Zscaler App system tray notifications

To learn more about the system tray icon, see What are the Zscaler App tray icon options for Windows?.

For information about other Zscaler App features, see B. Zscaler App Features in Using the Zscaler App: Windows.