How do I use the Zscaler certificate for SSL inspection?

How do I use the Zscaler certificate for SSL inspection?

NOTE: Configuring the Zscaler certificate is one of the tasks you must complete when deploying SSL inspection. See How do I deploy SSL inspection? for the full list of tasks. 

For an overview of the process that takes place when you configure a Zscaler intermediate certificate, see SSL Inspection Using a Zscaler Intermediate Certificate in About SSL Inspection.

To use the Zscaler certificate, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to Policy > Web > SSL Inspection.
  2. In the Intermediate Root Certificate Authority for SSL Interception section, click Download Zscaler Root Certificate.
  3. Navigate to the file and unzip it.
  4. Import the Zscaler certificate into the certificate store of your browser. (See Configuration Example: Importing the Zscaler Root Certificate into IE 11.)

You must then import the Zscaler certificate into your user’s browsers. To facilitate deployment in Microsoft Active Directory environments, use the GPO feature to deploy the certificate to all users in your network.