How do I report an issue with the Windows version of Zscaler App?

How do I report an issue with the Windows version of Zscaler App?

Admins can control whether users can request support directly from the Zscaler App. The Report an Issue option will appear in the app user interface and as a tray icon option only if the admin has enabled it in your Zscaler App Support configuration.

To open the Report an Issue form, you can use one of the following options.

  • Open the Zscaler App and click the More icon. From the Troubleshoot menu, click Report an Issue.

Screenshot of the Report an Issue option for Zscaler App for Windows


  • Right-click the Zscaler App tray icon, then select Report An Issue.

Screenshot of the Report an Issue option from the Zscaler App tray icon

Completing the Report an Issue Form

Screenshot of the Report an Issue Form of Zscaler App for Windows

To complete the Report an Issue form, specify the following information.

  • Name: Enter a name.
  • The field to the right of the Name field is prepopulated with the email addresses of your organization's designated support admins.
  • CC: If you want to copy anyone else on this support request, you can enter the email address here (if entering multiple addresses, they should be separated by commas). Note that your organization's support admins are always copied on support requests, even if you leave this field blank.
  • Problem: You can select a category that describes the problem. Other is selected by default.
    • Authentication: Select if you are having problems logging into the app.  
    • User Interface: Select if app features are not responding as expected.
    • Network Connectivity: Select if the app is showing connectivity issues.
    • Private Access: Select if you are having problems with ZPA.
    • Other: Select if you are unsure of the problem, or if the problem does not relate to the categories above.
  • Priority: You can select a severity level for the problem. Normal is selected by default.
    • Urgent: App cannot be used at all.
    • High: App can be partially used but critical functions are not working.
    • Normal: App can be used but some functions are not working.
    • Low:  App can be used but minor functions are not working.
  • Comments: You can enter additional comments to describe the issue.
  • Attach File: You can attach an applicable file (for example, a screenshot showing an error message).
  • Show/Hide logs: You can show or hide logs in the Report an Issue window. Note that logs will always be automatically attached when you report an issue.