How do I enroll with the Zscaler Service on the Windows version of Zscaler App?

How do I enroll with the Zscaler Service on the Windows version of Zscaler App?

This article provides instructions on enrolling with the Zscaler service using the Windows version of the Zscaler App.

  1. When the Zscaler App is installed on your device, you can open the app with one of the following options:
  • Double-click the Zscaler App desktop icon.


  • Right-click the Zscaler App tray icon, then select Open Zscaler.

  1. An enrollment page appears, as shown below. Note the menu at the top right-hand corner, which enables you to do the following:
  • View the license agreement
  • View information about the Zscaler App, including the version number.

  1. You must enter a username and click Login. The username must be in email format, unless your organization's admin configured settings so that you can log in without entering your organization's domain.
  1. Based on your organization’s authentication’s mechanism, you may be prompted to complete one of the following steps:
  • You may simply be required to enter a password and click Login (see image below).

  • You may be redirected to your organization’s SSO form (see example below, in which Okta is the SSO provider). Enter your credentials and log in.

  1. If your organization has configured an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), the AUP window will appear. You must accept the AUP to proceed to enrollment. If your organization does not have an AUP, the app will proceed directly to enrollment.

Once the app completes enrollment, the app is ready for use.

For information about Zscaler App features, see B. Zscaler App Features in Using the Zscaler App: Windows.