How do I configure a VZEN instance?

How do I configure a VZEN instance?

Click to watch a video about Virtual ZENs, including how to add a VZEN instance.

Configuring a VZEN instance is one of the tasks you must complete when deploying VZEN Clusters for production. See How do I configure VZEN Clusters? for the full list of tasks.

To add a VZEN instance, follow the instructions below. 

  1. Go to Administration > Virtual ZENs.
  2. Click Add Virtual ZEN and do the following:
  • Enter the VZEN Name.
  • In Virtual ZEN Type, select a VZEN subscription type, based on the amount of traffic that the VZEN will process. Note that the VZENs in a cluster must be all the same type.
    Zscaler shows the total and available subscriptions of each VZEN type.

You can upgrade a small-sized VZEN to a medium or large at any time. The upgraded VZEN picks up the new sku in five (5) minutes.

  • The default Status is Enabled.
  • In the Proxy IP Address field, enter the IP address to which you’ll forward traffic. Enter the corresponding Subnet Mask.  
  • Enter the IP address of the Default Gateway to the Internet.
  • The default deployment mode is Cluster, which is the only mode that Zscaler supports in production environments. If you are adding a VZEN for testing purposes, select Standalone.
  • If the deployment mode is Cluster, enter the Load Balancer IP Address.
  1. Click Save to close the dialog.
  2. Add at least one more VZEN instance if you are deploying a cluster. See How do I create a VZEN Cluster?
  3. Activate the changes.