How do I configure source IP groups?

How do I configure source IP groups?

Watch a video about IP and FQDN Groups, including how to add a source IP group

Grouping source IP addresses facilitates referencing them in firewall policies. To learn more, see How do I configure firewall policies?

To create a source IP address group for firewall policies:

  1. Go to Administration > IP & FQDN Groups.
  2. In the Source IP Groups tab, click Add Source IP Group.
  3. Enter a Name for the source IP address group. For example, Social Media.
  4. Enter any number of IP addresses. You can enter:
    • An IP address (for example,
    • A range of IP addresses (for example,
    • An IP address with a netmask (for example,

Hit Enter after each entry, then click Add Items.

  1. Optionally, enter additional notes or information. The description cannot exceed 10,240 characters.
  2. Click Save and activate the change.