How do I configure advanced URL policy settings?

How do I configure advanced URL policy settings?

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To configure the advanced URL policy settings, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to Policy > URL & Cloud App Control.
  2. Click the Advanced Policy Settings tab. See image.
  3. Configure the following:
  4. Click Save and activate the change.

Enable this option if you want the service to analyze the content of uncategorized websites to check if they belong to one of these URL categories: Adult Material, Drugs, Gambling or Violence. If the service determines the site belongs in one of those categories, it will categorize those sites and apply the policy accordingly.

Enable this option to allow the service to enforce the URL Filtering policy for sites that are translated using translation service websites. For example, when this feature is enabled, if you have a policy that blocks, and a user translates the page to another language using Google Translate, the service will block the translated page.

Enable this if you want the service to return only safe content from searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Live, Yandex, Youtube, blip.tov, Dailymotion, Flickr, AOL Video, and Friendster. Note that SSL inspection must be enabled.

Enable this if you want the service to automatically perform configurations so users can seamlessy use all Office 365 applications. To learn more, see How do I configure Office 365 Support?

 While VoIP may be encouraged for its telephone cost savings, it may also be discouraged because of the high bandwidth utilization associated with it. The Zscaler service can block access to Skype, a popular P2P VoIP application.

Controls access to Google consumer apps. Type in corporate domains from which your users can access Gmail and other Google apps and click Add Items. To learn more, see How do I control access to Google consumer apps? 

 Screenshot of Advanced Policy Settings page showing buttons used to manage Zscaler advanced URL filtering options