How do I capture HTTP headers on Mozilla Firefox?

How do I capture HTTP headers on Mozilla Firefox?

At times, Zscaler Support may ask you to provide HTTP headers when troubleshooting certain issues. The HTTP headers identify the specific URL the browser accessed when you opened a web page. This article describes how to use Mozilla's Live HTTP Headers add-on to capture HTTP headers on Mozilla Firefox version 49.0.1. (If you are running a different browser version, the steps may not be the same.)

Capturing HTTP Headers

  1. Download and install the Live HTTP Headers add-on for the Mozilla Firefox browser from the following URL:
  2. Restart Firefox.
  3. In Firefox, go to the desired website.
  4. Click the Menu button, and then click Add-ons.
    See image. 

Screenshot of Firefox settings highlighting the Add-ons Icon

  1. From the Extensions tab, click the Live HTTP headers Options button.
    See image.

Screenshot of Firefox Extensions tab with Live HTTP headers’ Option button highlighted

  1. The Capture option is selected by default. When all transactions are loaded, click Save All and save the header information to a text file.
    See image.

Screenshot of Firefox’s Live HTTP headers dialog box

  1. Send the saved file to the Zscaler Support team.