About eZ Agent

eZ Agent is a lightweight application that automatically sets and enforces proxy settings in your users’ browsers, so their web traffic is forwarded to the Zscaler service even when they are outside your corporate network. eZ Agent ensures that the web traffic of your mobile users is protected against malicious content and that the corporate Internet usage policies that you defined in the security service are implemented.

As shown in the following figure, you can use different mechanisms to forward your organization’s web traffic to the Zscaler service. In the illustration, the router forwards web traffic from the ZCustomer corporate network to the Zscaler service through a GRE tunnel, while eZ Agent enforces proxy settings on the mobile devices of users that are off the corporate network to ensure that the mobile devices forward web traffic to the Zscaler service as well.

Diagram of eZ Agent enforcing proxy settings on mobile devices while web traffic forwarded to Zscaler

You can centrally define and manage eZ Agent configuration settings—such as the browser proxy settings, logging level and the passwords for disabling and uninstalling eZ Agent—from the admin portal, and then use the Group Policy Object (GPO) feature of Active Directory (AD) to install eZ Agent on all devices in your organization.

eZ Agent is installed as a Microsoft Windows service that runs in the System Tray. It prevents tampering by automatically checking the browser’s proxy settings every few seconds, and resetting them if the user changes or disables them. The service itself is password-protected, so only the network administrator can temporarily disable or uninstall the agent. This ensures that your corporate policy is enforced, regardless of a user’s location. Additionally, eZ Agent recognizes when users connect to “hot spots,” such as airports or coffee shops, where they are required to authenticate or pay before they can access the Internet, and enforces its proxy settings only after a predefined time period.

Supported Systems

This section lists the systems and browsers that eZ Agent supports:

Supported Operating Systems (32-bit and 64-bit)

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer (6.0 and higher)
  • Firefox (3.0 and higher)
  • Chrome (1.0+)
  • Safari (Windows only)

Do the following to configure eZ Agent settings and install it on your users' computers:

  1. The eZ Agent configuration file defines the settings of eZ Agent, such as debug level, number of days that logs are retained and how the browser is configured to forward web traffic—through a PAC file or manual proxy configuration. Zscaler provides one default configuration file and you can create up to 255 custom configuration files. See Defining and Managing Configuration Files.
  2. Download eZ Agent from the Zscaler service portal.

If you have already downloaded eZ Agent and want to load a new configuration file to your existing eZ Agent, see Loading a New Configuration File.

  1. Install eZ Agent on your users' computers.

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