Downloading eZ Agent

To download eZ Agent:

  1. From the Zscaler service portal, go to Administration > eZ Agent Configurations
  2. Click Download beside the file that you want to download.

The file contains the following files:

  • eZSetup: Use this file to run the installation wizard and install eZ Agent on a local computer. The wizard provides several options for installing eZ Agent. You can also run the wizard to make changes to an existing eZ Agent installation. See Installing eZ Agent on a Computer.
  • Silent_Setup.bat: Use this file to install eZ Agent in silent mode or on multiple computers using the Active Directory GPO feature. You can also use this file to automatically install eZ Agent on a local computer without running the installation wizard.

You can use either the eZSetup.msi or the Silent_Setup.bat file to install eZ Agent on multiple computers using GPO. Zscaler recommends that you use the Silent_Setup.bat file.

  • Uninstall.bat: Use this file to uninstall eZ Agent on a local computer. See Uninstalling eZ Agent on a Computer.
  • config.dat: This file contains the eZ Agent configuration settings. When you first download the eZ Agent zip file, this file contains the default configuration settings. You can define a new configuration file and download it to replace the default configuration file. See Defining and Managing eZ Agent Configuration Files.