Company Summary Report (CSO Report)

Company Summary Report (CSO Report)

The Company Summary Report is an interactive report that provides information tailored for audiences like the CSO of your organization. The CSO report covers the following information for your organization:

  • Overall Internet Transactions
  • Total Bytes
  • Total Mobile Transactions
  • Total Mobile Bytes
  • Overall Threat Posture
  • Top Blocked Viruses and Spyware
  • Top Blocked Advanced Threats
  • Top Blocked Sandbox Threats
  • Top Blocked Malware
  • Top Locations with Highest Threats
  • Top Blocked Threat Super Categories for Road Warriors
  • DLP Engine Violations
  • DLP Dictionary Violations
  • TOP URL Categories by Liability Exposure Allowed
  • Bandwidth Loss Trend
  • Top Infected Users by Threats

As with other interactive reports, the Company Summary Report supports real-time interactive analysis and contains widgets that present information in different graphical formats. You can drill down to the logs for each chart by rolling over the chart, clicking, and selecting one of the following options:

You can also:

Note that some information in the Company Summary Report overlaps with information in the Executive Report, but the Company Summary Report is an interactive report that presents information to accommodate more technical audiences like your organization's CSO. The Executive Report, in contrast, is non-interactive and designed for sharing by email or in print with more general executive audiences in your organization.

Screenshot of CSO Report by Zscaler