About Time-Based Reports

About Time-Based Reports

You can check how much time users spend browsing the Internet. Time is calculated as consecutive minutes; that is, 50 transactions within 1 minute count as 1 minute of browse time. Transactions in the subsequent minutes are separate, and then added on. Note that this report provides data for the last 7 days only.

Do the following:

  1. Go to Analytics > Web Insights.
  2. Select User as the data type.
  3. Expand Add Filter and choose Received Bytes.

Screenshot of selecting User data type and Received Bytes filter on Zscaler Web Insights page

  1. Leave the Received Bytes values as is and click Apply Filters to display the Time data unit.
  2. Click Time to view the users who have spent the most time browsing.

 Screenshot of Time data unit on Zscaler Web Insights page

  1. You can drill down and get more information about the user's Internet activities and view the logs as well.