About NSS Feeds

An NSS feed specifies the data from the logs that the NSS will send to the SIEM. Each feed can have a different list of fields, a different format, and different filters. You can add one or more fields for the logs and one field for alerts. 

You can add up to eight NSS feeds for each NSS.

You can complete the following tasks on the NSS Feeds page.

  1. Add an NSS Feed. See How do I add an NSS Feed?
  2. View a list of all configured NSS Feeds.
  3. Edit an NSS Server. See How do I edit, delete, or duplicate items in the admin portal?
  4. Modify the table and its columns. See How do I use tables in the admin portal?
  5. Search for an NSS Feed.
  6. Click the NSS Servers tab to configure NSS Servers. See About the Nanolog Streaming Service.

Screenshot of NSS Feeds page showing buttons and feed overview used to manage Zscaler NSS feed