About the Index Tool

The Index Tool allows you to configure index templates that can be applied when creating custom DLP dictionaries and engines for the Zscaler service.

After an Index Tool Configuration is created and the virtual machine (VM) for the tool is installed and running, you can then log in to the tool to create and modify Exact Data Match index templates for DLP. The Index Tool also provides a dashboard view of your EDM index templates, including template details (i.e., data file name, number of cells used, etc.), the date and time when the template was last modified, and the template's status. See image.

To learn more, see About Exact Data Match.

As the Index Tool provides access to highly sensitive information, ensure that everyone who has access to it is authorized and authenticated.

About the Index Tool Page

On the Index Tool page, you can do the following:

  1. Add an Index Tool Configuration
  2. Download the VM (.ova) for the Index Tool
  3. Search for an Index Tool configuration
  4. View a list of all Index Tool configurations for your organization. For each Index Tool, you can see the following:
    • VM ID: The name of the VM
    • Status: Displays whether the configuration is enabled or disabled
    • SSL Certificate: Displays a link that allows you to download the SSL client certificate used by the VM
  5. Edit an Index Tool Configuration, including the ability to delete a configuration
  6. Modify the table and its columns

Index Tool page within the Admin Portal

Exact Data Match Template Dashboard within Index Tool