About Index Templates

Watch a video about creating an index template

Using the Index Tool you can create or modify index templates that can be applied when creating custom DLP dictionaries and engines for the Zscaler service.

You can create up to 64 templates for your organization. The cell usage information displayed within the Admin Portal and the Index Tool can help you determine the size of your data records per template. For example, if you submitted a CSV file to create an EDM template that has 40,000 records and each record includes 3 columns, then it will use 120,000 cells. Also, the number of records used within a template will have an impact on how you determine the amount of memory (RAM) you need to allocate for your Index Tool VM

To learn more, see About Exact Data Match (EDM) and Creating an Exact Data Match Template.

About the Index Templates Page

On the Index Templates page, you can do the following:

  1. Search for an index template
  2. View a list of all Exact Data Match (EDM) templates that are configured for your organization. For Exact Data Match templates, you can see the following:
    • Name: The name of the template, as specified in the Index Tool
    • VM ID: The virtual machine (VM) ID, as specified in the Index Tool Configuration
    • Number of Cells: The total number of cells currently in use by the template
    • Last Modified: The date and time the template was last modified
    • Modified By: The last admin user to modify the template
  3. Modify the table and its columns
  4. View index template details, or delete a template. You can also view template details within the Index Tool.

Index Templates page within the Admin Portal