About Executive Reports

The Executive Report is HTML-based and contains information that is tailored to your organization's executives. It provides a quick snapshot of your company’s security posture and highlights the value that you derive from the Zscaler platform. It displays information like the number of security threats or policy violations that the Zscaler service detected for your organization in a given time frame (you can select current or previous day, week, or month, or select a custom time frame).

Some information in the Executive Report overlaps with information in the Company Summary Report, but the Executive Report is non-interactive and is designed for sharing by email or in print with more general executive audiences in your organization. The Company Summary Report, in contrast, is an interactive report that presents information to accommodate more technical audiences like your organization's CIO.

  1. Choose a time frame for the Executive Report. You can choose Custom to specify a start and end date. The start date must be within the last 90 days.
  2. View the Executive Report.
  3. Print the Executive Report.

    Before you print, ensure that in your browser's print settings, the option to print headers and footers is turned off and the option to print background graphics is turned on.

    See image.
  4. Schedule a monthly email delivery of the Executive Report. The email contains a preview of the Executive Report and a link to the full report. If you have scheduled an email delivery, click the Schedule icon to edit or delete the scheduled delivery. See How do I schedule a monthly email delivery of the Executive Report?

Screenshot of the Executive Report page and tasks 

Screenshot of Printing the Executive Report