About Customer Notifications

About Customer Notifications

Zscaler provides different types of communications to ensure that you are always well informed. You can view or receive notifications on new data centers or scheduled maintenance windows, product updates, security advisories, and other operational activities, as well as view up-to-date cloud status, through the Zscaler Trust Portal and admin portal.

You can go to the Zscaler Trust Portal at https://trust.zscaler.com to view up-to-date cloud status at a glance and information about the following:

  • Data Center Maintenance
  • Data Center Incidents
  • Security Advisory

The information on this site is continually updated and maintained through the combined efforts of the Zscaler Operations, Engineering, and Security teams. Additionally, you can subscribe to the notifications and bulletins that are posted on the Trust portal so you and your team receive this information by email.

To subscribe to notifications and bulletins:

  1. Go to https://trust.zscaler.com.
  2. Choose the Zscaler cloud on which your organization is provisioned.  
    To learn how you can find your cloud name, click here.
  3. To subscribe to email notifications, click the Envelope icon on the top right corner next to GET ALERTS
    See image.
  4. In the Email Alerts Subscription dialog, enter the required information and click Send update via email.
    You can enter a group email address to send the notification to an entire team instead of an individual.

Screenshot of trust.zscaler.com page highlighting the Get Alerts icon used to subscribe to email notifications

In addition to the notifications and bulletins that are posted or to which you can subscribe on the Trust portal, Zscaler also sends the following notifications to the Technical and Business contacts listed in the Company Profile page of the admin portal. See image below. 

  • Security Updates: Latest information on vulnerabilities and threats that may affect your organization.
  • Service Updates: New service and product enhancements, including new data center notification and cloud release information.
  • Product Updates: Communication regarding important changes and updates to our service.

Screenshot of Technical Contacts tab in Company Profile page (Zscaler UI)

Ensure that these contacts are always current. You can enter a group email address to send the notification to an entire team instead of an individual. Additionally, an admin can subscribe to these updates in the Administrator Management page.
See image. 

Screenshot of Edit Administrator window in Administrator Management page (admin portal) highlighting “Choose to receive updates” section