About API Key Management

Your organization's API key is initially provisioned by Zscaler, enabled, and displayed within the API Key Management page along with the base URI. The base URI and key are required in order to authenticate via the API and create a session

Availability to the cloud service API is currently limited. In order to manage your organization's API key, you must have a valid cloud service API subscription and Zscaler Support must provide your key.

In the API Key Management page, you can:

  • Remove the API key and add a new one
  • Edit the API key
  • Regenerate the API key, which randomly generates a new key string that replaces the old string

An organization can only have one API key. However, if you are managing multiple organizations within Zscaler and want to maintain the same key string across them, Zscaler recommends editing the key instead of adding a new one or regenerating it. This allows you to use the same key string across organizations, if necessary.

Adding, editing, or regenerating an API key, immediately invalidates the old key. If you replaced or edited a key, you also need to replace any references to the old key within any code developed for your organization. To learn more about the cloud service API, including developer getting started information and API endpoints, see About the API and the API Reference.

About the API Key Management Page

On the API Key Management page, you can do the following:

  1. View the base URI for your API.
  2. Add a new API key. You must delete the existing key before you can add a new one.
  3. View information regarding your organization's API key. For the key, you can see the following:
    • Key: The API key string
    • Last Modified By: The last admin to modify the key
    • Last Modified On: The date and time the key was last modified
  4. Edit the API key
  5. Regenerate the API key
  6. Delete the API key

API Key Management Page - Organization API Key Tab