Customizing Company Information

Customizing Company Information

Watch a video about how to edit company information

Shift displays information about your company. You can customize most of the information displayed. However, the domain name cannot be changed.

To change this information:

  1. Click the edit icon
    See image.
  2. Upload a new logo. The service supports logos with the following features:
    • Dimensions of 300 x 150 pixels or less
    • Size of 10 kB or less 
    • .png, .jpg, or .gif file types
  3. Change information about:
    • Name
    • Country 
    • Language
    • Time zone
    • Address
      See image.
  4. Click Save

Screenshot of the edit icon for the edit company information option in Zscaler Shift

Screenshot of the edit company information in the Zscaler Shift service