Adding Custom Categories

Adding Custom Categories

Watch a video about how to add custom categories

Zscaler Shift allows the creation of custom categories for use in policies.

No matter what content filter type you choose or which security features you enable for a given policy, there may be some domains that you want to whitelist and always allow for users and other domains that you want to blacklist and always block for users. Custom categories enable you to do this.

To whitelist or blacklist domains while configuring policies, you must first create a custom category and then add the domains you want to whitelist or blacklist to the custom category. The custom categories you create will then appear as options you can select when you configure the Always Allow Categories or Always Block Categories in policies.

Since it is a DNS service, Shift only resolves domain names.

To create a custom category:

  1. From the Administration menu, click Categories, then the Custom Categories tab.
  2. On the upper-right corner of the page, click New Custom Category.
  3. In the New Custom Category window, enter a Name for the custom category, and optionally, a Description.
  4. Click Save.

    You must first save the category before adding any domains.

  5. After saving, click again on the Custom Categories tab.
  6. For the custom category you have just created, click the Edit icon.
  7. Under Add/Edit Domains to Custom Category, you can either add domains manually or upload a CSV to add multiple domains at once.  
    • To add domains individually, click the Edit Domain icon.
      • In the Add a Domain field, type the domain you want to add to this custom category. If you want to add multiple domains, separate the domains with commas. Domains you want to whitelist or blacklist should not be in the same custom category. There should be one or more custom categories for domains you want to whitelist and one or more custom categories for domains you want to blacklist.
      • Click Add, and close the Edit Domain dialog.
    • To add domains with a CSV file, click Select File under Upload Domains File (CSV). Navigate to and then upload the CSV file that lists the domains you want to add. Shift accepts only .csv files. A preview will appear in the Domains File Preview window after you upload the file. You can click Change if you want to upload a different CSV file or click Remove to remove it. 
  8. Click Save.

  • The text is not case-sensitive.
  • The domain must not contain the protocol schema. Type instead of
  • You can use wildcard characters "[*][.]" (an asterisk and a period) on the left side of a stated domain. If you enter *, any domain which includes will match. In addition, when using leading periods, the most exact match is used. For example, if you add "" to a blacklist and "" to a whitelist, only "" would be allowed.
  • Wildcard characters addressing the right side of a stated domain are always assumed. Thus the entry "" will also apply to "," "," and "". Wildcard matches are not done for trailing periods. They are treated as DNS zone separators.