About the Dashboard

About the Dashboard

Navigate to the dashboard to gain insight into what is happening with the traffic in your organization. By default, the dashboard displays information for all locations from the last 24-hour interval. You can filter the data by time range, location, and threat type. You can also drill down into individual locations for more granular data.

A transaction is a single request to a domain.

Information on the Dashboard

The dashboard displays your overall transactions, a variety of widgets, and a heat map.

Overall Transactions

  • Number of threats that were blocked and the percentage of transactions that had threats
  • Number of transactions that were blocked due to the policies and the percentage of blocked transactions
  • The total number of transactions received by Shift


  • Threats: The top 10 threats that were blocked
  • Top Categories: The top 10 URL categories visited
  • Top Locations: The 10 locations with the most number of transactions
  • Top Domains: The 10 domains with the most number of transactions
  • Blocked Domains: The 10 domains with the most number of blocks
  • Proxied Domains: The top 10 domains that were sent to Zscaler Enforcement Nodes (ZENs) for inline inspection 

Heat Map

The dashboard also displays a heat map displaying an approximate location of where threats to your organization are coming from. If you hover over a hotspot, additional details about the location are displayed.

Screenshot of the Shift dasboard